Biden announces $2 trillion green infrastructure and jobs plan

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July 15, 2020: Joe Biden announced his $2 trillion green infrastructure and jobs plan during an event in Wilmington, Delaware. Election strategist Steve Kramer said Kanye West was no longer running for president.

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Notable Quote of the Day

“Like Texas, Georgia has become increasingly competitive. But Republican presidential nominees have won a majority of the statewide vote in each of the past five presidential contests, and Democrats must prove they can carry the state in a neutral presidential year, not just do well when an unpopular Republican president is in the White House.

The same goes for Texas. Are we seeing a fundamental shift in the state because of new voters and new allegiances? Or will Texas return to its Republican moorings if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the presidency, national Democrats move to the left, and more traditional Republicans once again define the party nationally and in the state? The burden is on the Democrats to prove Texas has become a swing state.

For now, all we can say is that Texas is competitive. We won’t know whether it has become a swing state until we look back on its subsequent electoral behavior. My guess is that it will take at least a few more years.”

– Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call

Election Updates

  • Joe Biden announced his $2 trillion green infrastructure and jobs plan during an event in Wilmington, Delaware. His plan aims for carbon-free power generation by 2035. His proposal said he would rebuild infrastructure, including bridges, electricity grids, and universal broadband; create one million jobs in electric vehicle manufacturing; and subsidize replacement programs for electric cars.

  • The Biden campaign hired five new senior staffers in Arizona, including Tony Cani and Jacob Smith as deputy state directors.

  • During a news conference in the Rose Garden, Donald Trump criticized Biden’s energy plan and positions on the U.S. military, immigration, and China.

  • Trump is traveling to Atlanta to discuss transportation initiatives at a UPS facility. He last visited the city in March.

  • In an interview with The Times of IndiaHowie Hawkins spoke about the two-party system, coronavirus pandemic, and other domestic policy issues.

  • Jo Jorgensen spoke about gun regulation, hunting, and red flag laws in an interview on Gun Talk Radio.

  • Election strategist Steve Kramer told The Intelligencer that Kanye West was no longer running for president after exploring ballot access requirements in Florida.

Flashback: July 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton met with three potential running mates: Julián Castro, John Hickenlooper, and Elizabeth Warren.blank

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