Biden unveils plan to address racial economic inequality

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July 29, 2020: Joe Biden spoke about how to address racial economic inequality in Delaware. Donald Trump will attend two fundraisers and tour an oil rig in Texas.


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Notable Quote of the Day

“It’s been compared to a colonoscopy.

The vetting of potential vice presidents is famously invasive, and it’s going on now.

Possible running mates for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden include Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. She and anyone else being considered can expect some very probing questions, as retired Admiral James Stavridis can attest.

He recalls some of what he was asked four years ago, when Hillary Clinton’s campaign vetted him: ‘“What were you like in junior high school? Who were your friends? When did you start dating? What kind of physical relationships did you have?’ You get very personal, very quickly.”’”

– Callum Borchers, WBUR News

Election Updates

  • Joe Biden spoke about racial economic inequality at a Wilmington community center on Tuesday. He unveiled his economic recovery plan for women and people of color, which included $100 billion in low-interest business loans, $50 billion in venture capital through tax credits, tripling federal contracting for minority-owned businesses by 2025, and a $15,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers from low-and middle-income households.

  • On Tuesday, Biden said he would choose his running mate in the first week of August.

  • The Democratic National Committee released safety measures for the Democratic National Convention on Monday, which include self-isolation before the event, daily coronavirus testing, and masks.

  • Donald Trump is attending two fundraisers in Odessa, Texas, for the Republican National Committee and his campaign on Wednesday. He will also speak at Double Eagle Energy Holdings in Odessa and tour an oil rig.

  • Howie Hawkins was in Scranton, Pennsylvania, over the weekend seeking petition signatures for ballot access.

  • Jo Jorgensen praised the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire for its successful lawsuit against the state, which reduced the number of petitions for ballot access by 35 percent.

  • Kanye West filed paperwork to appear on the ballot in Missouri and New Jersey.

Flashback: July 29, 2016

During a rally in Colorado, Donald Trump said he was starting to agree with supporters who said Hillary Clinton should be in jail.blank

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