Trump pledges to sue Nevada over universal mail-in ballot law

Ballotpedia's Daily Presidential News Briefing
August 4, 2020: Donald Trump said he would sue Nevada over plan to send mail-in ballots to all active voters. Joe Biden likely won’t name vice presidential pick until next week.

Presidential poll highlights, 2019-2020 (CBS News/YouGov • Georgia • July 28-31, 2020)

Presidential poll highlights, 2019-2020 (CBS News/YouGov • North Carolina • July 28-31, 2020)

Notable Quote of the Day

“November is going to be like the Super Bowl of misinformation tactics. You name it, the U.S. election is going to have it.”

– Graham Brookie, director Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Lab

Election Updates

  • During a virtual campaign fundraiser on Monday, Joe Biden criticized Donald Trump for comments he made about delaying the election and mail-in ballots. Biden said, “He suggested we should postpone the election, full of just bald-faced lies about how mail-in votes were fraud.”

  • The Biden campaign is starting a virtual fundraiser tour in Ohio, beginning in Kent on Tuesday.

  • The Washington Post reported that Biden would likely not make his vice presidential announcement until the second week of August.

  • The Republican National Convention will have a different theme each night: land of heroes, land of promises, land of opportunity, and land of greatness. Each night will also have a “nightly surprise factor,” Axios reported.

  • The Donald Trump campaign released a new Spanish-language ad that connects Biden and progressive policies to socialism in Latin America.

  • Trump said he planned to file a lawsuit against Nevada after the governor signed a bill that would automatically send mail-in ballots to active voters. He tweeted on Monday, ‘In an illegal late night coup, Nevada’s clubhouse Governor made it impossible for Republicans to win the state. Post Office could never handle the Traffic of Mail-In Votes without preparation. Using Covid to steal the state. See you in Court!”

  • Trump encouraged supporters to wear masks in a campaign email on Monday. He wrote, “I don’t love wearing them either. Masks may be good, they may be just okay, or they may be great. They can possibly help us get back to our American way of life that so many of us rightfully cherished before we were so terribly impacted by the China Virus.”

  • New York Magazine reported that one of Kanye West’s electors in Vermont, Chuck Wilton, is also a delegate to the Republican National Convention. Gregg Keller, the former executive director of the American Conservative Union, was listed as West’s point of contact in Arkansas. West has filed to appear on the ballot in seven states.

Flashback: August 4, 2016

The Green Party began its national convention in Houston.blank

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