Upcoming filing deadlines for independent presidential candidates from August 3 to August 9

Although there is no formal, national deadline to file to run for president of the United States, independent presidential candidates must keep a close eye on the election calendar as each state has its own filing requirements and deadline to qualify to appear on the general election ballot.

These requirements may include submitting a petition with a certain number of signatures or paying a filing fee.

Filing deadlines for independent presidential candidates have already passed in 12 states:

• Florida (July 15)
• Illinois (July 20)
• Indiana (June 30)
• Maine (July 25)
• Michigan (July 16)
• Missouri (July 27)
• New Mexico (June 25)
• New York (July 30)
• North Carolina (March 3)
• Oklahoma (July 15)
• South Carolina (July 15)

• Texas (May 11)

In the week of August 3, there are 16 filing deadlines:

• August 3, 2020: Arkansas, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia
• August 4, 2020: West Virginia and South Dakota
• August 5, 2020: Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, and Ohio
• August 7, 2020: California, Connecticut, and Washington

There are three filing deadlines the following week.

The following chart shows how many days are left until each remaining state’s filing deadline passes:

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