Trump launches eight-figure ad campaign in battleground states

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September 15, 2020: Donald Trump is launching an eight-figure ad campaign focused on the economy. Joe Biden is campaigning in Tampa and Kissimmee.

Poll Spotlight

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Notable Quote of the Day

“A flip is also more plausible if you consider history. Texas is in the long process of realigning — again. It did so from the 1960s through the 1980s, culminating in 1994 with George W. Bush winning the governor’s mansion, much of it the result of Midwestern Republicans moving to the Texas suburbs. The same process is happening again but in reverse, from the early 2000s to today, from Republican to Democrat.

Texas has been purple a long time, with Democrats controlling the big cities but Republicans controlling the big state offices. The rest you know: In 2016, Trump beat Hillary Clinton by only 9 points, the smallest Republican margin in modern history. In 2018, not only did O’Rourke nearly upset Cruz, but he created a bow-wave of new Democrats swamping Republican congressional districts and elected judgeships.”

– Richard Parker, Houston Chronicle

Election Updates

  • On Monday, Joe Biden unveiled a series of digital and television ads aimed at Black voters in Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Two clips feature discussion in barbershops about voting and the coronavirus pandemic and a third ad focuses on criminal justice.
  • Biden is meeting with veterans in Tampa on Tuesday. He will also attend a Hispanic Heritage Month event in Kissimmee. The events mark his first public appearances in Florida since becoming the Democratic presidential nominee.
  • Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.) and media producer Haim Saban co-hosted a fundraiser for Biden on Monday night that brought in $4.5 million.
  • Donald Trump is launching an eight-figure ad campaign on Tuesday focused on the economy. The ad campaign, which Fox News reported cost more than $10 million, will run nationwide and in Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
  • Trump is traveling to Philadelphia on Tuesday to participate in an ABC News town hall at the National Constitution Center.
  • Trump spoke at a Latinos for Trump Coalition roundtable in Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday.
  • The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Howie Hawkins would remain off the state ballot on Monday.

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