All candidates in New York’s 10th Congressional District election complete Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection Survey

All three candidates running in the election for New York’s 10th Congressional District—Incumbent Jerrold Nadler (D), Cathy Bernstein (R), and Michael Madrid (L)—completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection Survey. Ballotpedia asks all federal, state, and local candidates to complete a survey so voters can discover what motivates them on political and personal levels.

One question in the survey asks candidates to list three key messages of their campaigns. Each candidate’s responses are below.

• Strengthen Democracy & Rule of Law
• Reduce Economic Inequality
• Fight Climate Change

• Housing Costs Are Sky High
• Helping Our Small Businesses To Succeed

• Simplify: life is hard enough without needless regulation making it more so
• Legalize Housing: Rents are too high and homelessness is a huge problem. Our community needs housing. Let’s get rid of the barriers to building housing…and build housing.
• Basic Income: We need an simple, efficient, always on safety net there during crisis and normal times, not the huge tangle of wasteful, mis-targeted, inaccessible services we purport to offer now

In 2018, 1,957 candidates completed a Candidate Connection survey. This number represents 6.9% of all 28,315 candidates Ballotpedia covered during that cycle. Out of the 1,957 respondents, 477 (24.4%) won their elections.

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