Presidents lose an average of 81 same-party members of the U.S. House during their first term

On average, presidents from Lyndon Johnson (D) through Donald Trump (R) took office with 241 members of the same political party serving in the U.S. House. An average of 81 same-party members did not run for re-election at the time of the next presidential election, creating an average U.S. House member attrition rate of 33.4 percent.

This House attrition rate is calculated by examining whether a member of the House from a president’s political party in office when the president was sworn-in runs for the same seat in the following presidential election year.

Among presidents since Johnson, President Trump had the highest rate of House attrition at 46.9 percent. President George W. Bush (R) had the lowest rate of House attrition at 23.4 percent.

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