Three individuals linked to Biden campaign travel test positive for COVID-19

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October 16, 2020: Three individuals linked to Biden campaign travel tested positive for COVID-19. Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee, and joint fundraising committees raised $248 million in September.

Notable Quote of the Day

“Wisconsin is proof that politicos have short memories. In 2004, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry carried Wisconsin by just 0.4 percentage points — making it the closest state in the country. Four years earlier, it had been even closer — Democrat Al Gore won the Badger State by just 5,708 votes, or 0.2 points.

But Democrat Barack Obama really connected with Wisconsin voters, winning the state by 14 points in 2008 and 7 points in 2012. Going into 2016, that contributed to a sense that Wisconsin was a safe bet for Hillary Clinton — part of the mythical ‘blue wall.’ It had, after all, voted Democratic in seven consecutive presidential elections by that point.

We all know what happened next: Now-President Trump carried Wisconsin by 0.8 percentage points, reaffirming its status as a swing state. It was the third time in five presidential elections that Wisconsin was decided by less than a point.”

– Nathaniel Rakich, FiveThirtyEight​​​​​

Election Updates

  • Three people who traveled with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on campaign flights tested positive for COVID-19. Harris suspended her travel for several days after sharing a flight with two of the individuals who had tested positive. The campaign said Biden would remain on the campaign trail since he had not been within 50 feet of the third person who tested positive. Biden said his COVID-19 test was negative on Thursday.
  • Biden participated in a town hall on ABC News in Philadelphia moderated by George Stephanopoulos on Thursday night. He said that a vaccine mandate would depend on its effectiveness and distribution. He said he wanted to eliminate tax cuts for only the top earners. He called the 1994 crime bill a mistake and advocated more community policing. Biden said his position on court packing depended on Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation process.
  • Biden is campaigning in Michigan on Friday with stops in Southfield and Detroit.
  • Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee, and joint fundraising committees raised $248 million in September. The Biden campaign previously reported that it, along with its aligned Democratic groups, had raised $383 million in the same month.
  • Trump participated in a town hall on NBC News in Miami moderated by Savannah Guthrie on Thursday night. He denounced white supremacy and antifa. He said he would always protect people with pre-existing conditions. Trump said his reported personal debt of $421 million was tiny compared to his assets. He said his position on Supreme Court nominations in election years changed after how Brett Kavanaugh was treated during his confirmation hearing.
  • Trump is holding rallies in Florida and Georgia on Friday, campaign events in Michigan and Wisconsin on Saturday, and a rally in Carson City, Nevada, on Sunday.
  • Jo Jorgensen is campaigning in Florida on Friday and Saturday. She will also visit Tennessee on Sunday.

Flashback: October 16, 2016

The New York Times reported that Donald Trump began October 2016 with $75 million in cash on hand, while Hillary Clinton had roughly $150 million.blank

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