Debate commission will mute mics during opening remarks for each topic segment

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October 20, 2020: The Commission on Presidential Debates announced that each candidate’s microphone will be muted during the other candidate’s two-minute remarks to open each topic segment. The Supreme Court denied a request for a stay of a state court ruling allowing ballots received until November 6 to be counted in Pennsylvania.

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Notable Quote of the Day

“It leaves the president with two options: Either find a way to ramp up turnout among working-class white voters in the state, specifically white men. Or turn things around with the white women who helped propel him to the White House four years ago. …

White men are still mostly with Trump in the Keystone state, backing him by anywhere from 14 to 20 points, according to public polling. Bortz’s household is an example of the gender divide reflected in polls: Her husband supports the president. But across nearly every other demographic, including white women without a college degree, Trump is slipping.

Trump won that voting bloc by 20 points in 2016, according to exit polls. Recent surveys show him now winning the group only by 5 to 10 percentage points.”

– Laura Barrón-López and Holly Otterbein​​​​

Election Updates

  • The Commission on Presidential Debates announced on Monday that each candidate’s microphone will be muted during the other candidate’s two-minute opening remarks for each of the final debate’s six segments on Thursday. During the rest of the debate, the microphones will be on for open discussion. Both campaigns agreed to the rule.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court split 4-4 on whether to grant a stay of a Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision allowing ballots received until November 6 to be counted. As a result, the state court’s decision stands.
  • Joe Biden is off the campaign trail preparing for the final presidential debate.
  • Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele endorsed Biden on Tuesday.
  • Donald Trump is holding a campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday.
  • The Trump campaign has 2.5 million volunteers, surpassing the record 2.2 million set by Barack Obama, according to Trump campaign spokeswoman Samantha Zager.

Flashback: October 20, 2016

Donald Trump said during a rally, “I would accept a clear election result, but I would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result.”blank

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