Learn more about the arguments in the debate over religious service restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic

Discussions about policy responses to the coronavirus are happening at a fast pace. As part of our ongoing coverage Documenting America’s Path to Recovery, Ballotpedia has published a series of articles capturing the regular themes in support of and opposition to these policy responses.

Here’s how it works. First, we identify a topic area, (such as mask requirements or testing). Next, we gather and curate articles and commentary from public officials, think tanks, journalists, scientists, economists, and others. Finally, we organize that commentary into broad, thematic summaries of the arguments put forth.

We’ve identified the following arguments as some of those in favor of restrictions on religious services:

  1. Public safety priorities take precedence over religious interests,
  2. In-person religious gatherings are not essential services, and
  3. Religious gathering restrictions do not discriminate against faiths.

We’ve identified the following arguments as some of those against restrictions on religious services:

  1. Religious service restrictions violate the First Amendment and religious freedom,
  2. Religious services are essential, and
  3. COVID-19 religious restrictions are unfair to some faiths.

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