Trump holds rallies in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nebraska

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October 27, 2020: Donald Trump is holding rallies in three states on Tuesday. Joe Biden is making two campaign stops in Georgia.

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Notable Quote of the Day

“We are always fighting the last war in politics. But if we’ve learned anything about American elections in the post-9/11 era, it’s that volatility is a feature, not a bug. George W. Bush’s ‘mandate’ in 2004 was wiped out by a Democratic rout in 2006. Barack Obama’s landslide in 2008 invited a Tea Party revolution in 2010. Trump’s shocking upset in 2016 was chased by a blue wave in 2018. These swings demonstrate how dramatic realignments—demographically, ideologically and otherwise—continue to accelerate in ways that keep both parties off balance. The coalitions that deliver victory often crumble just two years later. Four years, in this regard, amounts to an eternity.”

– Tim Alberta, Politico​​​​​​

Election Updates

  • As of Tuesday morning, 66.3 million early votes had been cast in the general election, according to the United States Election Project.
  • Donald Trump is holding rallies in three states on Tuesday: Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.
  • Joe Biden is making two stops in Georgia on Tuesday. During a speech in Warm Springs, Biden will share his closing argument for the election and evoke President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, according to his campaign.
  • Biden traveled to Pennsylvania on Monday to meet supporters at a field office in Chester.
  • Advertising Analytics reported that Trump, including joint spending with the Republican National Committee, had reserved $27.3 million in ad buys between Monday and November 3. Biden reserved $42.9 million over the same time period.
  • The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that mail-in ballots in Wisconsin will only be counted if they are received by November 3.
  • The American Conservative published an op-ed by Jo Jorgensen on Monday about foreign policy.

Flashback: October 27, 2016

Michelle Obama campaigned with Hillary Clinton in North Carolina.blank

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