Biden selects Robin Carnahan for GSA administrator

April 7, 2021: President Joe Biden (D) selected Robin Carnahan as his nominee for administrator of the General Services Administration.

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  • There are no committee hearings scheduled Wednesday. The Senate stands adjourned until April 12 for a full session.


  • Biden announced on Tuesday that he would nominate Robin Carnahan (D) to serve as the administrator of the General Services Administration. Carnahan is a former Missouri secretary of state, serving from 2005 to 2013.
  • Tennessee and Kentucky filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration regarding tax provisions in the American Rescue Plan Act. The complaint says the tax provisions prohibit states that receive federal aid under the law from lowering taxes for several years, constituting a federal overreach.
  • Biden will promote the American Jobs Plan during remarks at the White House on Wednesday. His administration is also conducting outreach to governors and mayors and making local TV appearances to support the plan.
  • Jill Biden is announcing details of her Joining Forces initiative on Wednesday, which will include expanding job opportunities for military spouses and access to mental health services.

Transition in Context: Presidential Approval Rating

The following chart compares the presidential approval ratings of Presidents Donald Trump (R) and Joe Biden (D) on a week-over-week basis. This number is taken from the 30-day average of polls conducted by a select list of polling organizations and outlets. Click here to read the list of polling organizations used.

President Biden’s approval rating for the tenth week of his term was 51.9%, down 1.3 percentage points from the week before. President Trump’s approval rating at the same point in his term was 42.3%, down 2.3 percentage points from the week before.

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