Highlights from April’s edition of Ballotpedia’s State Ballot Measure Monthly newsletter

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Nineteen statewide measures were certified for the 2022 ballot from March 16 through April 22 in 11 states. This brought the total number of 2022 statewide measures certified so far up to 28 in 16 states. An average of 22 measures were certified for even-year ballots by this point from 2011 through 2019. No new 2021 measures were certified.

The April edition also covers a significant initiative process restriction passed in Idaho and gives an update on ballot measure law changes in 2021.

Below are some highlights of the certifications and ballot measure news covered in this edition of the State Ballot Measure Monthly:

• After gaining the supermajority required in November 2020, Republican lawmakers in West Virginia put a constitutional amendment on the 2022 ballot that would say that no state court has any authority over impeachment proceedings or judgments. The amendment is in response to impeachment proceedings against supreme court justices in 2018 that temporary supreme court justices blocked from going to trial.

• In Idaho, the legislature passed and Gov. Brad Little (R) signed Senate Bill 1110 to increase signature distribution requirements for ballot initiatives.

• Arkansas, South Dakota, and Utah legislators have also passed ballot measure restrictions. Arkansas voters will decide a constitutional amendment in 2022 that would require 60% supermajority voter approval for any future constitutional amendments or initiated state statutes.

• Arkansas, Idaho, and Kentucky voters will decide in 2022 whether to give their legislatures the power to call themselves into special session. These measures were proposed partially in response to COVID-19.

• Ballotpedia is tracking seven certified statewide measures and seven potential statewide measures proposed in response to COVID-19.