New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District to hold special election June 1

The special general election for New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District is on June 1. Melanie Ann Stansbury (D), Mark Moores (R), Christopher Manning (L), Aubrey Dunn (I), and two write-in candidates are competing for the seat.

The Democratic Party nominated Stansbury at a primary convention on March 31, and the Republican Party nominated Moores at a convention on March 27. 

The special election became necessary after Debra Haaland (D) was confirmed as U.S. secretary of the interior in the Biden administration on March 15. Haaland served from 2019 to 2021.

The U.S. House of Representatives has 219 Democratic members, 211 Republican members, and five vacancies. New Mexico’s delegation to the House includes one Democrat and one Republican with one vacancy.

Seven special elections have been called during the 117th Congress as of May 25. From the 113th Congress to the 116th Congress, 50 special elections were held.

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