Louisiana Rep. Malinda White leaves Democratic Party

Louisiana state Rep. Malinda White switched from the Democratic Party to no party on July 1. According to the Advocate, White said, “this decision came after many years of consideration for the people I represent. It was not a snap decision but one I have struggled with for a while.”

White was first elected to House District 75 in 2015 and was re-elected in 2019.

Of the 105 members in the Louisiana House, 33 are Democrats, 68 are Republicans, 3 are independents, and one seat is vacant.

Ballotpedia has been tracking state legislators who have switched parties since 1994. White is the thirteenth state legislator in Louisiana we’ve identified that has switched parties and the only one to switch to independent. The other 12 legislators switched to the Republican party.

Nationwide, Ballotpedia has identified 22 state legislators who have switched from the Democratic Party to independent since 1994.

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