How Clallam County has voted in recent presidential primaries

Clallam County, Wash., has a long record of voting for the winning presidential candidate. Since 1980, the county has voted for the Republican and Democratic candidates that would go on to become president—Ronald Reagan (R), George H.W. Bush (R), Bill Clinton (D), George W. Bush (R), Barack Obama (D), Donald Trump (R), and Joe Biden (D).

The general election isn’t the only opportunity voters get to influence who becomes president. Before the general election, major and minor party candidates compete in primaries or caucuses to become their party’s nominee on the ballot.

Here is how Clallam County has voted in Republican and Democratic primaries going back to 2008.


In 2020, Washington held its Democratic primary on March 10. Joe Biden won Washington’s primary with 37.94% of the vote. Bernie Sanders followed with 36.57%. In Clallam, Biden won 38.91% of the vote, followed by Sanders with 29.97%.

President Donald Trump was the only candidate on the ballot in Washington’s Republican primary.


In 2016, Washington Democrats held a caucus on March 26 and Republicans held a primary on May 24. In the Democratic caucus, Bernie Sanders earned 72.7% of the vote, while Hillary Clinton earned 27.1%. One-hundred and one delegates were up for grabs. Seventy-four were allocated to Sanders. Clinton earned 27. In Clallam County, Sanders earned 68.6% of the vote to Clinton’s 31%.

In the Republican primary, Trump won 75.5% of the vote. Ted Cruz won 10.8%. In Clallam County, Trump won 78.1%, while Cruz won 9.3%.


In 2012, the Republican Party of Washington held a caucus on March 3. Overall, Mitt Romney earned 37.65% of the vote, while Ron Paul earned 24.81%. Rick Santorum placed third, earning 23.81%. In Clallam County, Romney earned 30.2%, Santorum earned 26.2%, and Paul earned 25.9%.

President Barack Obama ran unopposed in the Democratic caucus.


In 2008, the Democratic Party of Washington used a four-step process to determine the delegates it would send to the Democratic National Convention, starting with a statewide caucus open to all voters on Feb. 9. Barack Obama won 67.56% of the vote, while Hillary Clinton won 31.15%. Obama earned 52 delegates to Clinton’s 26. In Clallam, Obama earned 71.8% of the vote, while Clinton earned 25.6%.

The Republican Party in Washington held both a caucus, on Feb. 9, and a primary, on Feb. 19. Eighteen delegates were up for grabs in the caucus and 19 were up for grabs in the primary. Overall, John McCain won 25.9% of the vote in the caucus and 49.44% in the primary. Mike Huckabee followed, winning 23.52% in the caucus and 24.06% in the primary. In Clallam County, voters gave McCain 46.9% of the vote and Huckabee 22.5%. County-level data was not available for the Feb. 9 caucus.


In 2004, Washington held its Democratic caucus on Feb. 7. Overall, John Kerry won 48.41% of the vote. Howard Dean followed with 29.99%. In Clallam, Kerry earned 48.2% of the vote, while Dean earned 33.1%.

President George W. Bush ran unopposed in Washington.

Clallam County is holding municipal elections in its three cities—Port Angeles, Sequim, and Forks— in 2021. Twenty-six offices are up for election in those cities.