Election day is here! Here’s what we’re watching tonight

Welcome to the Tuesday, November 2, Brew. 

By: Doug Kronaizland David Luchs

Here’s what’s in store for you as you start your day:

  1. Happy election day! 
  2. ICYMI: Previewing Ballotpedia’s battleground elections
  3. Announcing our newest Learning Journey on the Administrative Procedure Act

Happy Election Day!

Election Day 2021 is here! If you haven’t already voted, check out our resources on how to vote and poll closing times. You can also view a sample ballot for your address here listing any races within our coverage scope.

We’ll be back tomorrow morning with election results and analysis. Until then, here are some links to other resources we’ve put together to help track the 2021 elections.

  • Our comprehensive election results overview page will be updated throughout election night as races are called and post-election trifecta control of New Jersey and Virginia state government becomes callable. We’ll also be highlighting interesting election results from battlegrounds at all levels of the ballot.
  • Check out our election analysis hub to find all of our 2021 election analyses in one convenient location. We’ll be adding new post-election analysis articles to the hub throughout the coming week.
  • Our article on conflicts in school board elections has a list of 107 school districts where we’ve found race in education, responses to the coronavirus pandemic, or sex and gender in schools have been brought up as campaign issues. We found 88 districts holding elections today, but we’ll add more districts to the list as we find them.
  • Click here for more on recount laws and requirements.
  • For more in-depth analysis, be sure to register for our Nov. 10 election results webinar. Ballotpedia staff analysts Dave Beaudoin and David Luchs will take you through the most significant election results at the state and local levels and set the stage for the start of the 2022 election season.
  • And of course, we’re keeping an eye on the other big story in politics this week—redistricting! We’ll be continuing our coverage of newly-adopted maps, changes to the membership of redistricting committees, and more throughout the week. If you haven’t already, check out our ongoing coverage for the latest in your state.

ICYMI: Previewing Ballotpedia’s battleground elections

Last week, we used the Brew to bring you previews of battleground races at all levels of government happening today. In case you missed it, take a look at our coverage and use the links to view the full stories.

Monday: Federal elections

Since this is an odd-year election, there is not much electoral activity at the federal level, but Ballotpedia will still be covering a handful of special congressional elections. Florida’s 20th Congressional District will hold special primary elections on Nov. 2 and Ohio’s 11th and 15th Districts will be holding general elections.

Tuesday: State-level elections

Three states are holding general elections for statewide offices on Nov. 2: New Jersey (Gov.), Pennsylvania (Supreme Court), and Virginia (Gov., Lt. Gov., Atty. Gen.). Additionally, New Jersey and Virginia will be holding state legislative elections.

Wednesday: School board elections

School board elections have become a major focal point in 2021, driven by everything from the coronavirus pandemic to debates over school curriculum and policies. This year, we are covering 503 school board races in 180 districts across 24 states. Sixty of those seats are up for election on Nov. 2. We’re also keeping an eye on school board recalls. So far this year, we have tracked 84 recall efforts targeting school board officials, including two on today’s ballot.

Thursday: Municipal elections

Ballotpedia covers municipal elections in the 100 largest cities in the U.S. by population and in all 50 state capitals regardless of population. Our coverage of municipal elections this year includes 40 mayoral elections, 27 of which are taking place Nov. 2.

Friday: Ballot measures

Thirty-nine statewide ballot measures were certified for the 2021 ballot in nine states, 24 of which are up for a vote today. Additionally, Ballotpedia is covering over 150 local ballot measures across 18 states. Click here for our top 15 races to watch.

Announcing our newest Learning Journey on the Administrative Procedure Act

Have you ever wondered how federal agencies like the U.S. Department of Agriculture are run? Take our Learning Journey on the Administrative Procedure Act to find out! The Administrative Procedure Act (APA) is a federal law passed in 1946 that established uniform rulemaking and adjudication procedures for federal agencies. The APA also addresses procedures for policy statements and licenses issued by agencies and provides for judicial review of agency adjudications and other final decisions. This Learning Journey guides you through the history of the APA, its processes, and related debates.

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