ICYMI: Top stories of the week


Democrats outraised Republicans by 125% in Virginia state legislative races

New campaign finance filings for Virginia’s House of Delegates races showed that Democrats led Republicans in fundraising throughout the 2021 election cycle. Between Jan. 1, 2020, and Nov. 25, 2021, Democratic candidates outraised Republican candidates by 125%.

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A busy week for Biden’s judicial nominees

Within the last week, the U.S. Senate confirmed three of President Joe Biden’s (D) federal judicial nominees to lifetime Article III judgeships. As of Dec. 15, 31 of Biden’s appointees have been confirmed to federal judgeships.

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Results to come in Ballotpedia’s Holiday Cookie election

Polls closed on Friday at 5pm Eastern Time in the election for 2021’s Official Holiday Cookie. We had a recall election on our hands this year after a petition was filed against our 2020 incumbent, the Sugar Cookie, due to an incident where salt was used instead of sugar! Votes are being tallied and we’ll announce the results on Monday.

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Recall election held Dec. 16 against Wisconsin school board member

On Dec. 16, voters decided whether to recall Gary Mertig, one of the five members of the Butternut School District school board in Wisconsin. Nate Pritzl filed to run against Mertig in the election. Mertig won the election, defeating Pritzl and retaining his seat.

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Ballotpedia’s The Heart of the Primaries delivered weekly starting Jan. 6

Texas will hold the first primary elections of the 2022 midterms on March 1. What do these primaries—and the hundreds of others approaching—mean for the direction of the major parties and the nation? Follow along to find out with our Heart of the Primaries newsletter.

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