ICYMI: Top stories of the week


84 measures certified for statewide ballots, 11 fewer than even-year average

Eighty-four statewide ballot measures have been certified for the ballot in 32 states so far this year, 11 less than the average number certified at this point in other even-numbered years from 2010 to 2020. 

Here’s an update on the latest ballot measure activity:

One initiative was removed from the ballot following a court ruling:

  1. Arizona Reduce Number of Income Tax Brackets to Flat Rate of 2.50% Referendum (2022)

Signatures have been submitted and are pending verification for two initiatives in California and North Dakota:

  1. California Art and Music K-12 Education Funding Initiative (2022)
  2. North Dakota Single-Subject and 60% Supermajority Approval Requirements for Constitutional Amendments Initiative (2022)

Enough signatures were verified for five initiatives in Alaska, Massachusetts, and Ohio to certify them to the legislature: 

  1. Alaska State Recognition of American Indian Tribes Initiative (2022)
  2. Massachusetts App-Based Drivers as Contractors and Labor Policies Initiative (2022)
  3. Massachusetts Changes to Alcohol Retail Licensing Initiative (2022)
  4. Massachusetts Medical Loss Ratios for Dental Insurance Plans Initiative (2022)
  5. Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2022)

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Millions raised to support ranked-choice voting initiatives in Missouri, Nevada

The Missouri and Nevada ballot initiatives would use open primaries in which the top candidates, regardless of partisan affiliations, advance to the general election. In Missouri, the top four vote recipients would advance to the general election. In Nevada, the top five vote recipients would advance. In both Missouri and Nevada, voters would then use ranked-choice voting to determine who among the four or five candidates wins the election.

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Across 11 states, the top PACs collectively raised $197 million

In 2021, the state-level PAC to raise the most money in each of 11 states collectively raised more than $197 million. Florida Voters in Charge, which backed an unsuccessful signature drive for a Casino Gaming Expansion Initiative, raised the most of those 11 with $75.56 million. They were followed by ActBlue Virginia ($38.86 million), ActBlue Texas ($25.63 million), and Pennsylvania’s DNC Services Corporation ($24.99 million).

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The in’s and out’s of Indiana’s May 3 primary elections

Indiana has statewide primaries for federal and state legislative offices coming up on May 3. At the federal level, Indiana is holding major party primaries for U.S. Senate and all nine of the state’s congressional districts. In the state legislature, all 100 House districts are up for election, as are 25 of the state’s 50 Senate districts.

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Redistricting news from Florida and Kansas


On April 22, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed Florida’s new congressional map into law. The Florida Senate passed the map in a 24-15 vote on April 20. The House approved the map 68-34 on April 21. 

This was the second congressional map the state legislature approved. DeSantis vetoed the first version on March 29. Republican leaders said on April 11 they would wait to receive a map from DeSantis, which he proposed April 13.


On April 25, Wyandotte County District Court Judge Bill Klapper overturned Kansas’ enacted congressional map. Klapper ruled the map was racially and politically gerrymandered, violating the state constitution.

Gov. Laura Kelly (D) vetoed the legislature’s original congressional map on Feb. 3, only for the House and Senate to vote to override her veto. The House overrode Kelly’s veto 85-37. Eighty-five Republicans voted to override the veto. Thirty-six Democrats and one Republican voted to sustain the veto. The Senate voted along party lines, overriding the veto 27-11.

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