U.S. Reps. Rodney Davis and Mary Miller compete for re-election in Illinois’ 15th Congressional District

U.S. Reps. Rodney Davis and Mary Miller are running in the Republican primary for Illinois’ 15th Congressional District on June 28, 2022. This race is one of six incumbent-vs.-incumbent primaries occurring in 2022 as a result of congressional redistricting after the 2020 census.

Davis has represented Illinois’ 13th Congressional District since 2013. Miller has represented the 15th Congressional District since 2021. According to data from Daily Kos, 28% of the new 15th District’s population came from the old 13th District (represented by Davis), and 31% came from the old 15th District (represented by Miller). Illinois lost one congressional district following the 2020 census.

The Herald & Review‘s Brenden Moore wrote, “The race has been among the most contentious incumbent-versus-incumbent primaries in the country. … Davis and Miller have traded barbs over who is the true conservative candidate in the race.” According to OpenSecrets, the primary currently comes in second in total satellite spending out of all 2022 U.S. House races, with over $7.5 million spent as of June 15.

Davis said, “I stick with my core values and principles. I have always been pro-life and will continue to stick by those values and principles. I’ve always stood up for the Second Amendment. I will continue to do that. But what separates me from my opponent is I have a record of actually governing. When people put Republicans in charge, at any level of government, they actually expect them to do the job.” Davis criticized Miller for voting against the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, saying, “All Mary Miller has to show for her time in Congress is quoting Hitler and voting with Democrats like [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and the far left squad to defund our military and block a pay raise for our troops. That’s shameful. It’s clear that Mary Miller is all talk, no action.”

The Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge, and Illinois AFL-CIO endorsed Davis, along with U.S. Reps. Mike Bost (R-Ill.) and Darin LaHood (R-Ill.).

Miller said, “I’m the only Republican member of Congress from Illinois who’s fighting every aspect of the Biden agenda and putting America first. I’m fighting for real election security so that voters decide elections, not the ballot counters. And I’m proud to be the only Republican from Illinois to vote against the Biden-Pelosi gun confiscation bill which would have allowed firearms to be seized by the federal government.” Miller criticized Davis for a bill he cosponsored in 2019 that would have provided grants for states to enact extreme risk protection order laws, or red flag laws. Miller said, “I am the only candidate with an A rating from the NRA and Gun Owners of America because I support our Second Amendment! Everyone is tired of Red Flag Rodney Davis, who stabbed conservatives in the back by supporting federal gun confiscation.”

Former President Donald Trump (R) endorsed Miller on January 1, 2022. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Club for Growth, the Conservative Political Action Coalition, and the House Freedom Fund also endorsed Miller.

Major independent observers rate the general election as solid or safe Republican.