ICYMI: Top stories of the week


A sneak preview of upcoming vacancies in the federal judiciary

This month, there are 37 announced upcoming vacancies for Article III judgeships, down from 42 at the beginning of August. There are currently 15 nominees pending for upcoming vacancies. In addition to these 37 upcoming vacancies, 80 of the 870 Article III judgeships are currently vacant.

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North Dakota term limits initiative certified for November ballot

Voters in North Dakota will decide on an initiative to establish term limits for state legislators and the governor in November. The initiative would limit the governor to two terms. It would limit state legislators to eight years in the state House and eight years in the state Senate.

Across the country, state legislators in 15 states are subject to term limits and governors in 36 states are subject to some type of term limits.

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Candidate Connection helps voters understand more about the people and issues on their ballots

We created our Candidate Connection survey because we believe that everyone deserves meaningful, reliable, trustworthy information about their candidates. In a number of elections, voters have the chance to hear from all candidates on the ballot,giving them a unique opportunity to compare and contrast their candidates’ platforms and visions. See a list of these races at the link below.

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President Joe Biden’s approval rating rises to 42%, highest since May

Polling averages at the end of August showed President Joe Biden (D) at 42% approval, the highest rating he’s received since May. Fifty-four percent of voters disapprove of his performance.

Biden last had a 42% approval rating on May 19, 2022. The lowest approval rating he’s received is 38%, last reached on July 27, 2022. Biden’s highest approval rating was 55% on May 26, 2021.

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