ICYMI: Top stories of the week


Voters will decide 14 statewide ballot measures related to elections, voting, campaign finance, and term limits

This year, voters in 37 states will decide 137 statewide ballot measures. In the October 6 Daily Brew, we looked at the 14 ballot measures in 10 states related to elections, voting, campaign finance, and term limits. Click the link below to see the full list, which includes Nevada Question 3 on ranked-choice voting, Arizona Proposition 211 on campaign finance, and Michigan Proposal 1 on term limits.

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Laws in four states require partisan labels for school board elections

In 41 states and the District of Columbia, state law requires nonpartisan elections for school boards. Laws in four states—Alabama, Connecticut, Louisiana, and, with some exceptions, Pennsylvania—automatically allow partisan school board board elections or party labels to appear on the ballot. 

Five states—Georgia, Rhode Island, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina—either explicitly allow for partisan or nonpartisan elections or give local authorities enough control to effectively allow the option.

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SCOTUS has seven petitions to review public-sector union cases

As of Sept. 29, appellants had filed seven petitions for writs of certiorari—requests for SCOTUS to review a lower court’s ruling—in public-sector union cases we’re tracking. Since SCOTUS’ 2018 ruling in Janus v. AFSCME, Ballotpedia has tracked close to 200 public-sector union lawsuits in federal and state courts, 60 of which have been appealed to SCOTUS since the 2018-2019 term.

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President Joe Biden’s approval rating rises to 43% in September, highest since January

Approval polls show President Joe Biden (D) at an average 43% approval at the end of September, the highest rating he’s received since January. Fifty-three percent of voters disapprove of his performance. 

Biden last had a 43% approval rating on Jan. 12, 2022. The lowest approval rating he’s received was 38% on July 27, 2022. Biden’s highest approval rating was 55% on May 26, 2021.

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