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Our 2022 report on ballot measure readability scores

This year, the language for the 140 statewide measures on the ballot in 38 states is written at an average reading level of 19 (graduate school reading level)—up from 18 in 2021. Additionally, we identified 66 measures with a summary that is set to appear alongside the ballot question on the ballot. The average grade level for those summaries was 18 years of education.

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Here’s where you can check the status of your ballot

We’ve heard from people asking how they can track the status of their absentee/mail-in ballot. Forty-four states and the District of Columbia have statewide online ballot tracking systems. In California, Florida, and Illinois, local officials provide ballot tracking, and Wyoming, Missouri, and Mississippi do not provide any tracking at the state level.

We’ve collected links to tracking systems in each state at the link below.

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Ballotpedia’s analysis of congressional elections finds fewer incumbents, more primary challengers compared to 2020

Ballotpedia’s Annual Congressional Competitiveness Report found this year’s congressional elections to be among the most competitive of the past decade. An increase in open seat contests and more primary challenges to incumbents seeking re-election drove an overall rise in competitiveness this year.

At the same time, the number of head-to-head matchups between Democrats and Republicans in general elections decreased this year compared to 2020.

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Introduced bills to change I&R ⬆️, enacted bills ⬇️

We have tracked 231 pieces of legislation regarding ballot measures this year. Seventeen of these bills were passed and signed into law. Most (187) failed or did not come to a vote before legislative sessions adjourned. Last year we tracked fewer bills—226—but more (36) were enacted. 

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There are 377 rematches this year between candidates who last faced off in 2018 or 2020

We are tracking 377 rematches this year between candidates who last faced each other in 2018 or 2020. That’s down from 2020, when there were 402 rematches from 2018 alone. The offices contested in these rematches include:

  • 51 U.S. House districts;
  • Five state executive offices;
  • 287 state legislative seats; and,
  • 34 local offices.

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