54% of state legislatures are Republican, 44% Democratic following 2022 general election

As of November 17, 2022, 54% of all state legislatures in the United States are Republican while 44% are Democratic. There are 7,383 state legislative seats in the country.

Republicans hold the majority in 56 chambers, and Democrats hold the majority in 39 chambers. One chamber (Alaska House) is organized under a multipartisan, power-sharing coalition. As of November 17, control of four legislative chambers remained uncalled following the 2022 elections. Click here for more details.

Democrats hold 860 state Senate seats and 2,396 state House seats, and lost 16 seats since September of this year. Republicans hold 1,097 state Senate seats and 2,921 state House seats, and gained 24 seats since September.

Independent or third-party legislators hold 36 seats across 14 different states, including 30 state House seats and six state Senate seats. There are 64 vacant state House seats and nine vacant state Senate seats.

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