Voters to decide municipal races in Denver, Colorado

The nonpartisan general for Denver, Colorado, is on April 4, 2023. The regular filing deadline was Jan. 19 and the write-in candidate filing deadline was March 20.

Candidates are competing for mayor, city council, city auditor, and city clerk and recorder. The following candidates are running for mayor of Denver as of March 19:

  • Renate Behrens
  • Kelly Brough
  • Lisa Calderón
  • Al Gardner
  • Chris Hansen
  • Leslie Herod
  • Michael Johnston
  • Aurelio Martinez
  • Deborah Ortega
  • Terrance Roberts
  • Trinidad Rodriguez
  • Andy Rougeot
  • Ean Tafoya
  • Robert Treta
  • James Walsh
  • Thomas Wolf
  • Matt Brady (Write-in)
  • Paul Fiorino (Write-in)
  • Marcus Giavanni (Write-in)
  • Danny F. Lopez (Write-in)
  • Jesse Parris (Write-in)
  • Abass Yaya Bamba (Write-in)

While most mayoral elections in the 100 largest cities are nonpartisan, most officeholders are affiliated with a political party. Incumbent Michael Hancock is affiliated with the Democratic Party. He was first elected in 2011 and is term-limited. This is Denver’s fifth open mayoral election since 1959, the last time the city elected a Republican mayor.

If no candidate receives a majority of votes, the top-two vote-getters will advance to a runoff on June 6, 2023.

Denver is the largest city in Colorado and the 19th-largest city in the U.S. by population.

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