Election legislation roundup: General Assembly of North Carolina

As of March 19, members of the General Assembly of North Carolina, which includes the North Carolina House of Representatives and the North Carolina State Senate, have passed one bill related to election administration since the beginning of the year. Republicans sponsored the bill. The bill is:   

  • NC H88: Omnibus Local Elections, Reps. Brian Biggs (R), John Faircloth (R), and Jonathan Hardister (R). 

The bill was enacted into law.

From March 13-19, legislators passed 19 bills related to election administration nationally. As of March 19, South Dakota legislators have passed the most bills this year with 17, while legislators in 33 states have passed none. The state with the most enacted bills is Utah with five, while 40 states have enacted none.

The General Assembly of North Carolina is scheduled to be in session from Jan. 11 to Aug. 31 this year. In 2022, North Carolina legislators passed three election-related bills, two in the state Senate and one in the state House. One of the bills from the state Senate was enacted into law. North Carolina is a divided government, meaning neither party holds trifecta control.

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