Ballotpedia launches database of asset management companies that contract with state pensions

Ballotpedia publicly launched a new database on April 4 designed to help interested parties better understand the relationships between state pension funds and asset management firms. Over the course of several months last year, Ballotpedia researchers compiled the names of all asset management companies that handle state pension money and the total assets under management by each company for each state.

In light of the state-level pushback against ESG, which has focused in large part on asset managers and their management strategies, as well as the state-level pushback against the pushback, Ballotpedia saw a hole in the data available to researchers on all sides of the matter and decided to collect and publish this information. According to Ballotpedia’s Director of Research:

“In 2022, Ballotpedia endeavored to collect all available data relating to the asset management of all state-run pension funds in the U.S.  As a result of its research, Ballotpedia identified more than 2,100 asset management companies working for state pension plans and/or specific investment funds managed by those companies on behalf of the state pensions.  Based on data availability, for some companies and some funds, the data set also contains the assets under management or the percentage of the plans’ assets managed by each asset manager. 

“This research was sourced primarily from year-end financial reports and investment reports released online by the state pension plans. Researchers also requested data by reaching out to plans directly, in cases where the information sought wasn’t available online.

“Highlights of the data set include:

  • The data set contains over 11,700 rows corresponding to asset management companies or specific funds used by state-run pension funds.
  • The data set identifies over 2,100 different asset management companies currently used by state-run pensions across the U.S. 
  • The data set also contains source information, asset allocation details, and pension fund board information.”

Due to the high quantity of data available, the database may load slowly.

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