Wisconsin Supreme Court issues two opinions from May 1-7

The Wisconsin Supreme Court issued two opinions from May 1-7. As of May 7, the court issued 30 opinions in 2023 — nine more than this point a year ago. One of two opinions is below: 

  • Gahl v. Aurora Health Care, Inc., where the court “affirmed the decision of the court of appeals reversing the circuit court’s issuance of an injunction compelling Aurora Health Care, Inc. to administer Ivermectin to Petitioner’s uncle (Patient), holding that the circuit court abused its discretion in issuing the injunction without analyzing Petitioner’s reasonable probability of success on the merits.”

From May 1-7, state supreme courts issued 156 opinions nationally. The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia issued the most with 22. State supreme courts in Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, and South Dakota issued the fewest with zero. Courts where judges are elected have issued 91 opinions, while courts whose members are appointed have issued 65.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is the state’s court of last resort and has seven judgeships. The current chief of the court is Annette Ziegler. The court issued 68 opinions in 2022 and 79 in 2021. Nationally, state supreme courts issued 7,423 opinions in 2022 and 8,320 in 2021. The courts have issued 2,357 opinions in 2023. Courts where judges are elected have issued 1,315 opinions, while courts whose members are appointed have issued 1,042. Wisconsin is a divided government, meaning neither party holds trifecta control.

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