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Oregon’s longest state legislative walkout ends in sixth week

Note: This story has been updated since it appeared in the Brew

On June 15, 2023, Senate Republicans in Oregon reached a deal with the chamber’s Democratic majority to end their legislative walkout. Six weeks ago, the Republicans began what became the state’s longest legislative walkout. At 42 days, the walkout lasted around four and a half weeks longer than the state’s previous record of nine days set in 2021.

Republican leaders said the walkout was a protest over the wording of bill summaries. Democratic leaders said it was to prevent a vote on bills regarding parental consent for abortion, firearms, and social, psychological, and medical treatments for transgender adults and minors.

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Texas legislators file 297 constitutional amendments

Texas state legislators filed more constitutional amendments this year than in the previous two legislative sessions, pushing the yearly total of filed amendments above the 15-year average. Thirteen of the amendments filed this year passed both chambers and were certified for the November ballot—the most since 2007, when 17 measures appeared on the ballot.

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Thirty-one statewide ballot measures have been certified for the ballot in 2023

Thirty-one statewide measures have been certified for the ballot in eight states for elections in 2023. That’s 12 more than the average number—19—certified at this point in other odd-numbered years from 2011 to 2021. The number certified is also the highest number of any of those years.

Last week, four new measures were certified for the 2023 ballot, all in Louisiana:

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Senate has confirmed 130 Biden judicial nominees, the most at this point since Bill Clinton

As of June 1, roughly 860 days into his first term, President Joe Biden (D) has nominated 164 individuals to federal judgeships on Article III courts. The Senate has confirmed 130, the second-most among any president at this point in their presidency since Ronald Reagan (R).

By June 1 of the third year in each president’s terms, only Bill Clinton (D) had more nominees confirmed at 145.

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