State legislative party switches in 2023 are already above average

Ten of the total 173 party switches tracked by Ballotpedia since 1994 have occurred in 2023. On average, roughly five party switches have occurred every year since Ballotpedia has been tracking data, putting 2023 ahead of the average. Legislators who have switched parties in 2023 include:

Senate Republicans who switched to Democrats

Senate Democrats who switched to Independents

House Democrats who switched to Republicans

House Republicans who switched to Libertarians

House Independents who switched to Democrats

Eighty-three (83) Democrats have switched to the Republican Party, while 25 Republicans have switched to the Democratic Party since Ballotpedia began tracking party-switching data in 1994. There are five years (2000, 2001, 2006, 2018, and 2018) where Democrats gained more seats than Republicans through party switches; every other year, Republicans gained more seats. Switches tied once in 2007 when five Republicans and five Democrats switched parties.

The highest number of party switches since 1994 occurred in 2010 when 25 legislators switched from Democrats to Republicans and three legislators switched from a major party to independents. In total, 28 party switches took place that year.

Twenty-three (23) independent or minor party lawmakers have switched from their parties to a major party since 1994. Democrats have gained 13 seats from these switches, and Republicans have gained 10 seats.

Four lawmakers have switched parties twice since 1994, accounting for eight changes in total.