All candidates for Tucson City Council Ward 1 complete Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey

Both of the candidates running in the Nov. 7, 2023, general election for Tucson City Council Ward 1 — Incumbent Lane Santa Cruz (D) and Victoria Lem (R) — completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey. These survey responses allow voters to hear directly from candidates about what motivates them to run for office.

Here are the candidates’ responses to the question: What are the main points you want voters to remember about your goals for your time in office?

Santa Cruz:

  • “Housing: Ward 1 is home to historic barrios, homes and culturally significant landmarks. It is also home to working families and seniors with fixed incomes who are struggling to pay rising rents and costs of living. In ward 1 and City-wide, I remain committed to supporting policies and investments for multi-generational housing for our diverse families. We will continue to work with neighborhoods to establish or update neighborhood plans that can help guide affordable housing, small business and responsible development.
  • Transportation & Mobility: My top priorities for transportation are to expand mobility options and accessibility this includes people walking, mobility devices, bikes, and public transit.. My effort to make transit fare-free is a first step in making public transportation truly accessible. Our next effort is to reimagine our transit route system and frequency to make it more reliable and a viable option to replace car trips. Neighbors and businesses are often concerned about speeding on neighborhood streets and drag racing on arterials. Speed mitigation mechanisms and safety infrastructure on our roads are needed to make it safer for people of all ages to move around.
  • Workforce Development: I continue to work in the investment of our families through the development and support of small and cooperative businesses. Encouraging and supporting labor unions and negotiations is also critical.”


  • “REDUCE CRIME: Fully fund and enable officers to enforce our laws & protect our community, clean up toxic inhumane encampments, fight the fentanyl/overdose crisis, work alongside proven and effective nonprofits in our community which offer housing, counseling and rehabilitation opportunities and a path to become productive citizens.
  • REBUILD OUR ROADS: Stop making minor repairs to major potholes & prioritize a budget that incorporates fully repaving roads in need, which at this point is just about everywhere within the city limits. Whether you are in your own vehicle, biking, ride-sharing or using public transportation, we all need this valuable piece of infrastructure to work with us and not against us. Without this, our efforts to attract revenue from tourism and high paying jobs/businesses looking to relocate to Tucson will continue to fail. Transit affordability does not equate to free. The cost to our community is taxpayer funded buses which currently offer open drug use, bus drivers who are assaulted. Hard working people in Tucson deserve safe transportation.
  • ECONOMIC RESPONSIBILITY: Put a stop to current reckless spending and create an environment in Tucson where individuals and businesses can thrive and grow in our economy. Enhance our workforce by creating new opportunities to collaborate with community colleges (PCC), JTED, and UofA to develop programs and courses which serve our current industries and upcoming job market growth. Attract new businesses and current business growth in our community then get out of the way. We need to create avenues for employers and employees to discover the benefits of choosing Tucson. Create well paying employment opportunities, supporting credit & finance education prepares and encourages citizens to develop roots and grow our community.”

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