Three new candidates declare in North Carolina

Three new candidates declared their intent to run for state-level offices in North Carolina between July 31 and Aug. 6, according to Ballotpedia’s ongoing tracking. This was three more candidates than the prior week. 

Two of those candidates are Republican and one is Libertarian. All three are running for state executive offices in 2024.

Details on these candidates are below: 

  • Luke Farley (R) is running for North Carolina Commissioner of Labor. Farley said, “He’s not a career politician, and he hasn’t spent years in government. … [his] priorities are what best serves the workforce of North Carolina, not the special interests of the political class.”
  • Andy Wells (R) is running for Governor of North Carolina. Wells said, “President Biden, Congress, politicians, tell us recovery is at hand but – unless you trust politicians – you can hear a distant rumble of thunder. We have to stop this storm before it turns into a hurricane but politicians can’t do that. It takes leaders with common sense, who’ll tell politicians: ‘No more. Enough. Stop.’”
  • Mike Ross (Libertarian Party) is running for Governor of North Carolina. Ross said, “We all see how bad things have gotten – the polarization of the country, the ideological capture of our institutions, and the charade of ‘governing’ our politicians play. We all want something different. So let’s vote for something different.”

As of Aug. 6, Ballotpedia has identified 29 candidates for state-level offices in North Carolina in 2024. Four hundred and thirty-seven candidates ran for state-level office in North Carolina in 2022, while 508 ran in 2020. In 2022, 178 were Democratic, while 232 were Republican. In 2020, 242 were Democratic and 235 were Republican. Nationally, Ballotpedia has tracked 540 Democrats and 642 Republicans running for state-level office in 2023, and 94 Democrats and 137 Republicans running in 2024. 

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