Protect Kids California files three initiatives related to gender and schools, sports, and healthcare for the 2024 ballot

Protect Kids California filed three citizen-initiated ballot measures to enact laws related to gender in schools, sports, and healthcare.

The first initiative would require schools to notify parents or guardians when a student requests to be treated as a gender identity that differs from the student’s listed sex in the student’s record. Notification would be required within three days of the student’s request. Schools would need to receive written approval from a parent or guardian before schools would be authorized to:

  • address the student by a different name for the purpose of gender identity; 
  • address the student by different pronouns that do not correspond to the listed sex in the student’s record; 
  • allow the student to participate in sex-segregated sports or programs or use facilities for another gender that is not listed on the student’s record; and 
  • allow access to body-modification clothing or appearance-altering materials for the purpose of appearing as a gender different than the one listed on the student’s record.

The second initiative would prohibit males, defined as persons with XY chromosomes, from competing in female, defined as persons with XX chromosomes, sports in public schools and universities. The law would repeal language that allows students to participate in sports and use facilities that do not correspond to the gender listed on their birth certificate. The law would also require sex-segregated bathrooms and locker rooms.

The third initiative would prohibit healthcare professionals from prescribing hormones or performing procedures that would stop or delay puberty or alter a minor’s appearance for the purpose of changing a person’s gender identity. The law would provide for exceptions, including:

  • allowing medically necessary procedures or treatments for minors born with a medically verifiable sexual development disorder;
  • allowing minors who have already received sex-reassignment prescriptions or procedures and desire to reverse the effect of the prescription or procedures; and
  • allowing minors who have already begun sex-reassignment prescriptions or procedures prior to the effective date of the law.

Healthcare professionals who violate the law would be subject to discipline by the licensing entity of the provider.

Jonathan Zachreson, founder of Protect Kids California and Roseville City School Board member, said, “These are common sense issues. Unfortunately, California is controlled by an out-of-touch legislature that refuses to engage in protecting parents or kids.”

Evan Minton (D), a candidate for the state Assembly to represent District 6, said, “[The initiatives are] pushed by those who deny the reality that thousands of Californians are trans and that we live in every community. They cynically exploit LGBTQ+ children as pawns to advance their narrow agenda. This manipulation is sickening and must end.”

In order to qualify for the 2024 California ballot, the initiatives need to be cleared for signature gathering by the attorney general and collect 546,651 valid signatures each.

Similar initiatives on both sides of the issue are also in the works in other states. Two initiatives in Missouri related to gender issues have been cleared for circulation.

  • One would repeal the language defining marriage between one man and one woman; allow consenting adults the right to marry regardless of gender; provide for an individual the right to express their gender identity and sexual orientation in a way that does not infringe on others to do the same; and provide for minors the ability to receive healthcare that alters a minor’s appearance for the purpose of changing gender identity with the consent of a parent or guardian.
  • The other initiative would define sex in state law as “sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

According to TheColorado Sun, Colorado GOP Chairman Dave Williams has formed a ballot measure committee to sponsor an initiative that would ban medical procedures that alter a minor’s appearance for the purpose of changing their gender identity. Williams told the Sun that the committee is finalizing the initiative’s language before submitting it to the state’s Ballot Board to be cleared for circulation.

As of Sept. 6, 2023, 47 statewide ballot measures have been certified for the ballot in 22 states for elections in 2024, including nine in California.