Five new candidates declare in Florida

Ballotpedia tracked five new state-level candidates in Florida between Sept. 11 and Sept. 17. This was three more candidates than the prior week. 

Three of those candidates are Democrats, one is a Republican, and one is a Libertarian. The five candidates are running for the state legislature in 2024.

Details on these candidates are below: 

  • Incumbent Anna Eskamani (D) is running for Florida House of Representatives District 42. Eskamani said, “I envision a Florida where all people have an equal chance to succeed. One where the needs of people are prioritized over the personal agendas of politicians. One where we can easily access our elected officials, and hold them accountable. One where our natural resources aren’t sold to the highest bidder; where education is more than just an assembly line of poorly made tests and teachers are paid a wage they can live off. One where all people can gain access to high quality health care and live a life free of mass shootings, crime and fear. One where every person has the ability to reach their fullest potential and achieve upward economic mobility. One where we can find common ground along party lines, while never sacrificing our values.”
  • Incumbent Marie Woodson (D) is running for Florida House of Representatives District 105. Woodson said, “As I seek re-election in 2024 for State Representative, my commitment is to continue the necessary work which can impact all Floridians in a positive way. My priorities will always be to seek solutions and programs to address the housing and property insurance crises, improve our education system, accessibility to affordable health care; including mental health, promote environmental sustainability, enhance public safety, protect individual and voting rights, and establish public/private partnerships to foster economic development. Everyday, it is a privilege for me to be a Representative who is always dedicated to being a strong voice for everyone in our local communities and in Tallahassee. I am always reminded that a ‘seat at the table’ is essential to bring necessary change.”
  • R. LeWayne Johnson (D) is running for Florida House of Representatives District 46. Johnson said, “So proud to serve. Looking forward to your support.”
  • Chad Johnson (R) is running for Florida House of Representatives District 22. Johnson said, “As a lifelong resident of the district and businessman, I understand the values and issues important to the working families of House District 22 … My experience, as well as my commitment to take a stand against the radical agenda of the Left, have compelled me to put my name on the ballot. In the state Legislature, I will work tirelessly for more jobs, better schools, conservation of our natural resources, and to protect the values of the Free State of Florida. … Our population is growing, and I want to do my part to maintain our quality of life while boosting the economic opportunities for the citizens and families of District 22 … I am honored to have so many supporters that have encouraged me to pursue this office.”
  • Joshua Hlavka (Libertarian Party) is running for Florida House of Representatives District 105. Hlavka said, “Republicans don’t want to associate with Democrats — they see them as the enemy … I want to give the people of 105 an option for somebody who can actually cross the aisle and have these conversations with Republicans because they are not going to listen to a Democrat.”

Since the beginning of the year, Ballotpedia has identified 67 candidates for state-level office in Florida. Five hundred and eighty-five candidates ran for state-level office in Florida in 2022, while 520 ran in 2020. In 2022, 238 were Democratic, while 276 were Republican. In 2020, 266 were Democratic and 194 were Republican. Nationally, Ballotpedia has tracked 669 Democrats and 824 Republicans running for state-level office in 2023, and 168 Democrats and 212 Republicans running in 2024. 

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