Referendum filed against legislation to fund the Oakland A’s new Las Vegas, Nevada, stadium

In Nevada, the campaign Schools Over Stadiums launched a veto referendum against legislation to fund a baseball stadium in Los Vegas, which would be home to a relocated Oakland Athletics. The campaign filed the petition on Sept. 6, and supporters need to collect at least 102,362 valid signatures.

The referendum would repeal certain provisions of Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), which was designated to fund a new stadium for the Oakland Athletics. SB 1 was approved by the Nevada State Legislature, with the Senate approving it by 13-8 on June 13, and the Assembly approving it by 25-15 on June 14.

Dawn Etcheverry, president of the Nevada State Education Association and Schools Over Stadiums, said, “Nevada’s priorities are misguided, and public funds should not go to a California billionaire for a stadium. For years, Nevada educators have been issuing an SOS over the dire conditions in our schools. The goal of Schools Over Stadiums is to right this ship and keep the focus on Nevada’s true priorities – our kids, our parents, and our educators.”

Opponents of the referendum filed a lawsuit against the Schools Over Stadiums PAC with the First Judicial District Court. The litigation said that the petition does not include the full text of the referendum and that the referendum’s description is inaccurate.

Bradley Schrager, a lawyer working for the plaintiffs, said that there is support for SB 1. He said, “SB1 obviously passed with majorities in both houses. It was approved by the governor, so it’s no surprise that that support exists.” Schrager wrote that the petition is inaccurate. He wrote in the filing, “Collectively, material omissions and misstatements render it impossible for a potential signatory to make an informed decision whether to sign the Petition.”

Schools Over Stadiums PAC responded, saying, “Powerful special interests are now suing teachers to prevent a referendum petition from moving forward to block the voice of everyday Nevadans at the ballot. Both Plaintiffs are well-connected lobbyists with close ties to a member of the Las Vegas Stadium Authority that just approved a controversial $1.8M contract with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for staffing needs related to the proposed stadium.”

Schools Over Stadiums has until June 26, 2024, to submit 102,362 signatures for the veto referendum, which would appear on the ballot on Nov. 5, 2024.