Biden ends September with a 41% approval rating

At the end of September, polling averages showed President Joe Biden (D) at 41% approval. Fifty-five percent of voters disapproved of his performance. This was the same approval rating he received at the end of August.

Throughout September, Biden’s approval rating ranged from 41% to 42%. The lowest approval rating he’s received during his presidency is 38%, last seen on July 27, 2022 The highest approval rating Biden has received is 55%, last seen on May 26, 2021.

At the end of September, congressional approval was at 20% and disapproval was at 73%. The 118th Congress began the month with its lowest-ever approval rating of 16%, last seen on Sept. 8th. The highest approval rating it has received was 33%, last seen on April 21, 2023.

At this time during the Trump administration, presidential approval was three points higher at 44%, and congressional approval was two points lower at 18%.

Ballotpedia’s polling index takes the average of polls conducted over the last thirty days to calculate presidential and congressional approval ratings. We average the results and show all polling results side-by-side because we believe that paints a clearer picture of public opinion than any individual poll can provide. The data is updated daily as new polling results are published.