ICYMI: Top stories of the week

Each week, we bring you a collection of the most viewed stories from The Daily Brew, condensed. Here are the top stories from the week of October 9-October 13.

Hall Pass digs into the policy debates over the science of reading

Throughout October, in our weekly education newsletter, Hall Pass, we’re diving deep into the current debate on the science of reading and the question: How can policymakers and administrators promote effective reading instruction in classrooms?

In this week’s edition, we dug into debates on whether science has settled the question on reading instruction.

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Louisiana voters to decide amendment that would ban private funding for the administration of elections

On Oct. 14 (yes, Saturday), Louisiana voters will decide Amendment 1, a constitutional amendment that would ban private, non-governmental, and foreign funding for the administration of elections in the state. 

The amendment would add the following language to the Louisiana Constitution: “No funds, goods, or services donated by a foreign government or a nongovernmental source shall be used to conduct elections unless provided for in the election code and subject to restrictions provided by general law.”

The amendment needed two-thirds of the vote in both chambers to be referred to voters. 

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School board battleground preview: Prince William County Public Schools

Thousands of school board members will be elected in races across the country on Nov. 7. Over the next month, we’re bringing you in-depth coverage of the races we’ve identified as battlegrounds. 

This week we took a look at elections for seats on the Prince William County school board in Virginia. Virginia is one of seven states in which we are covering all school board elections on Nov. 7.

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