Louisiana voters will decide on four constitutional amendments on Nov. 18

Louisiana voters will decide on four constitutional amendments on Nov. 18, 2023.

Amendment 1 would provide that the governor’s deadline to act on a bill is based on the legislative session in which the bill was passed rather than whether or not the legislature is in session. It would also allow the legislature to consider vetoed bills during a regular or extraordinary session rather than convening a separate veto session.

Amendment 2 would repeal constitutional provisions establishing various state funds that are now inactive. The amendment would authorize the transfer of the remaining balance of the Louisiana Investment Fund for Enhancement ($604) to the state general fund. The other funds to be repealed have balances of $0.

Amendment 3 would authorize local governments to provide an additional property tax exemption of up to $2,500 for first responders, including firefighters, emergency medical service personnel, emergency response dispatchers, peace officers, police officers, and sheriffs.

Amendment 4 would allow the state legislature, through a two-thirds supermajority vote, to use up to $250 million of funds in the Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund to alleviate a budget deficit.

Voters also approved four constitutional amendments that were on the ballot on Oct. 14.

From 1999 to 2021, a total of 56 constitutional amendments appeared on the statewide ballot in Louisiana during odd-numbered years. Of these, 37 (67.27%) were approved, and 19 (34.54%) were defeated.

Additionally, voters in five special districts within New Orleans will decide on parcel tax measures on Nov. 18.