State lawmaker political party switch snapshot – November 2023

One hundred seventy-three (173) state legislators have switched political parties since 1994, according to analysis by Ballotpedia. Forty-seven (47) state senators and 126 state representatives have switched parties.

State lawmakers who switched from Democrat to Republican: 83

  • State senators: 24
  • State representatives: 59

State lawmakers who switched from Republican to Democrat: 23

  • State senators: 8
  • State representatives: 15

As of November 22, 2023, Republicans controlled 54.82% of all state legislative seats nationally, while Democrats held 44.34%. Republicans held a majority in 57 chambers, and Democrats held the majority in 40 chambers. Two chambers (Alaska House and Alaska Senate) were organized under multipartisan, power-sharing coalitions.

There were no political party switches among state legislators between August and November 2023. The most recent incumbent to change their party affiliation was Georgia State Rep. Mesha Mainor, who left the Democratic Party in July to become a Republican.

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