OIRA reviewed 49 significant rules in November

In November 2023, the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) reviewed 49 significant regulatory actions issued by federal agencies. OIRA approved two of these rules with no changes and approved the intent of 44 rules while recommending changes to their content. Three rules were withdrawn from the review process by the issuing agencies.

OIRA reviewed 37 significant regulatory actions in November 2022 and 41 significant regulatory actions in November 2021. During the Trump administration from 2017-2020, OIRA reviewed an average of 39 significant regulatory actions each November.

OIRA has reviewed a total of 521 significant rules to date in 2023. This compares to the following totals from the past six years:

  • 485 significant rules in 2022
  • 502 significant rules in 2021
  • 676 significant rules in 2020
  • 475 significant rules in 2019
  • 355 significant rules in 2018
  • 237 significant rules in 2017

As of Dec. 1, 2023, OIRA’s website listed 151 regulatory actions under review.

​​OIRA is responsible for reviewing and coordinating what it deems to be all significant regulatory actions made by federal agencies, with the exception of independent federal agencies. Significant regulatory actions include agency rules that have had or may have a large impact on the economy, environment, public health, or state and local governments and communities. These regulatory actions may also conflict with other regulations or with the priorities of the president.

Every month, Ballotpedia compiles information about regulatory reviews conducted by OIRA. To view this project, visit: Completed OIRA review of federal administrative agency rules

OIRA: Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs