Biden did not issue any executive orders in January

President Joe Biden (D) did not issue any executive orders in January, keeping the total for his presidency at 130.

Additionally, Biden issued the fewest executive orders in one year of his presidency in 2023. In 2023, Biden issued 24 executive orders, fewer than in 2022 (29) and 2021 (77).

Biden has issued 130 executive orders as president. Among presidents since 1994, Biden has issued the third-most executive orders in the first three years of his presidency. Bill Clinton (D) issued the most (140) during his first three years in office, and Barack Obama (D) issued the fewest (109).

Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) issued 307 executive orders per year on average, the most of all U.S. presidents. William Henry Harrison (Whig) averaged the fewest, issuing none during his one month in office. Three presidents issued only one executive order each: James Madison (Democratic-Republican), James Monroe (Democratic-Republican), and John Adams (Federalist).