All candidates for Superior Court of Orange County Office No. 16 nonpartisan primary complete Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey

Both of the candidates running in the March 5, 2024, nonpartisan primary election for Superior Court of Orange County Office No. 16 — Binh Dang (nonpartisan) and Richard Zimmer (nonpartisan) — completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey. These survey responses allow voters to hear directly from candidates about what motivates them to run for office.

Here are the candidates’ responses to the question: Who are you? Tell us about yourself.


“Being a Vietnamese refugee shaped my views on the meaning of hope and hard work. I am grateful to America for the US soldiers who helped liberate my family during the fall of Saigon. My father, who was a major in the South Vietnamese Air Force, defended democratic principles during the Vietnam War. Since coming to Orange County, I have reflected on the peace and stability that has allowed my family to pursue our dreams in this great country and provided me with the opportunity to work hard to become a lawyer.

With confidence and daring to hope, I am a candidate for Orange County Superior Court Judge. As a deputy public defender, I have more than 18 years of courtroom litigation experience and over 100 jury trials and adjudications. More importantly, I have lived in Orange County for over 30 years, and I love and appreciate my community. My wife has worked for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for the past 17 years to help keep Orange County peaceful and stable. As a judge in Orange County, I will be tough, fair, caring and uphold the law to help our community flourish. A safe community is a happier community. I want future generations to have the same opportunities afforded me.”


“ … For 17-years I have dedicated my career to protecting the people of Orange County. I have prosecuted the most serious crimes including child molestation, rape, armed robbery, gang crimes, and attempted murder, while ensuring our justice system supported and protected crime survivors.

As a supervising Deputy District Attorney, I understand the impacts that violent crime, substance abuse, and mental illness have on individuals, their families, and our community. I am a married father of two children and understand the importance of safeguarding our neighborhoods.

With my extensive frontline legal experience, I am prepared to serve as Superior Court Judge from day one. I will follow the law and make sure that criminals are justly punished while treating everyone with dignity, understanding, and respect.

I ask that you join Orange County police, prosecutors, victims’ rights advocates, and judges in supporting my election for Superior Court Judge.”

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