ICYMI: Top stories of the week

Update on this year’s and next year’s ballot measures certifications

Last week was the busiest yet for ballot measure certifications in 2024. As of March 7, 73 statewide measures have been certified for the ballot in 27 states. Legislatures put 11 more measures on their respective state ballots:

In Washington, three citizen initiatives were certified for the general election ballot:

Signatures have been submitted and are pending verification or another pre-certification action for three initiatives in Alaska and Michigan. In Maine and Massachusetts, enough signatures were verified for seven indirect initiatives for them to appear before their respective state legislatures.

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Comparing Biden and Trump’s recent endorsements in top and down-ballot races

Both President Joe Biden (D) and former President Donald Trump (R) made endorsements in Super Tuesday primaries. Biden made one primary endorsement, endorsing incumbent U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) for re-election in Texas’ 18th Congressional District. Lee defeated challenger Amanda Edwards 61% to 37%. This is the only 2024 endorsement we have identified from Biden so far.

Trump made endorsements in 48 races. Thirty-nine (81%) of the candidates he endorsed won. Four (8%) advanced to primary runoffs. Three (6%) lost and two are in races that remained uncalled as of March 11.

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What we know about the 138 local ballot measures Californians decided on March 5

Voters decided on 138 local ballot measures during California’s March 5 statewide primary. We’ve highlighted the results from 11 notable measures below:

As of March 12, Californians have approved 72 of the 138 local ballot measures and defeated 22. These numbers only cover ballot measures within our coverage scope and do not include 44 that were too close to call. 

Take a deeper look into each measure by clicking the link below.

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