Moore Capito, Patrick Morrisey, Chris Miller, and Mac Warner are running in the Republican primary election for Governor of West Virginia

Moore Capito (R), Patrick Morrisey (R), Chris Miller (R), and Mac Warner (R) are running in the Republican primary election for Governor of West Virginia on May 14, 2024.

Capito, Miller, and Morrisey each say they are the race’s most conservative candidate, while Warner says the race is not about being the most conservative.

All four candidates have aligned their campaign platforms with former president Donald Trump (R). Morrisey and Warner say they support America First policies, a term often associated with Trump and candidates who say they support Trump’s agenda. Miller describes himself as a Trump conservative and the most successful fundraiser for Trump in West Virginia. Capito says he would work with Trump on energy independence and wants Trump to receive the most votes of any presidential candidate in West Virginia’s history.

During a debate in February, all four candidates said they support reducing the state’s income tax, increasing teachers’ salaries, implementing the death penalty for fentanyl traffickers, and restricting abortions.

Capito says he helped write one of the most conservative abortion laws in the country, referring to the state’s 2022 statewide abortion ban. Capito says his work in the West Virginia House of Delegates proves he is the “get-it-done candidate” and that it is important for West Virginia to achieve energy independence.

Morrisey says he has a record of achieving conservative policies as West Virginia’s attorney general. Morrisey says he supports growing West Virginia’s economy, creating a broad school choice policy, and increasing workforce participation.

Miller said, “We have to run state government more like a business, and we have to audit every single dime the government spends.” He says the governor’s office should not be connected to lobbyists or special interest groups, and “woke-ism is a mind virus that needs to be removed from West Virginia’s school system.”

Warner says his experience serving in the military and as West Virginia’s secretary of state will help him lead as governor. Warner says he will work to grow the economy, reduce regulations on coal and energy production, support law enforcement, fight the opioid addiction crisis, and defend gun ownership.