Sarah Klee Hood and John Mannion running in the June 25 Democratic primary for New York’s 22nd Congressional District

Two candidates are running in the Democratic primary election for New York’s 22nd Congressional District on June 25: Sarah Klee Hood (D) and John Mannion (D). The Democratic primary winner will face incumbent U.S. Rep. Brandon Williams (R) in the November general election.

Klee Hood and Mannion addressed voters at a May candidate forum. Both candidates said democracy is one of their priorities. Klee Hood argued she would be the best general election candidate to oppose Williams, while Mannion highlighted justice and equity as themes of his candidacy.

Klee Hood said, “There’s a lot at stake not only for democracy, but globally…at the end of the day, this is about ensuring that Democrats win, and we can only do that when we come together. As we move towards November, it’s ensuring that we have a candidate that has the contrast to beat Brandon Williams, that’s able to peel off Independent and Republican voters because they’re speaking a values-based message that speaks to everybody in this region.”

Mannion said, “You continue to fight for the causes that are important to you: our shared causes for a more just, more equitable country, and a more just, and a more equitable world…this democracy has been sustained for a long time, and what we’re in the midst of is the greatest risk to not just this country, its freedoms, and its protections, but the world’s. The world is counting on us.”

Klee Hood ran in the 2022 Democratic primary for New York’s 22nd Congressional District, finishing second out of four candidates behind Francis Conole (D).

Klee Hood is a Dewitt Town board member. Klee Hood served in the Air Force as a captain and director of operations and worked as a software program manager and economic development consultant. Klee Hood said issues affecting women, increasing abortion access, paid family leave, and expanding healthcare would be her priorities in Congress.

Mannion is a New York state senator. Mannion worked as a biology and chemistry teacher and was president of the West Genesee Teachers’ Association. Mannion said he supports policies that he believes benefit teachers and students, increase the number of jobs, and improve government transparency.

As of March 31, 2024, Klee Hood raised $1.1 million in campaign finance and Mannion raised $681,736.