One incumbent is running in a contested primary in Kansas this year—tying with 2020 for the second-fewest in the last 10 years

This year’s filing deadline for candidates running for Congress in Kansas was June 3, 2024.

Fifteen candidates are running for Kansas’ four U.S. House districts, including five Democrats and 10 Republicans. That’s an average of 3.75 candidates per district. There was an average of 2.25 candidates per district in 2022, 4.75 candidates per district in 2020 and 6.00 in 2018.

Here are some other highlights from this year’s filings:

  • The 2nd Congressional District is the only open district in Kansas this year. Incumbent Rep. Jacob LaTurner (R-02) is retiring from public office.
  • Seven candidates—two Democrats and five Republicans—are running for the open 2nd Congressional District, the most candidates running for a district in Kansas this year.
  • Four primaries—one Democratic and three Republican—are contested this year. Between 2014 and 2022, an average of 4.2 primaries were contested each election cycle.
  • One incumbent—Rep. Tracey Mann (R-01)—is running in a contested primary this year, tying with 2020 for the second-fewest in the last 10 years.
  • Candidates filed to run in the Republican and Democratic primaries in both districts, meaning no seats are guaranteed to either party.

Kansas and three other states—Michigan, Missouri, and Washington—are holding primary elections on August 6, 2024.

In Kansas, the winner of a primary election is the candidate who receives the greatest number of votes, even if they do not receive an outright majority of votes cast.