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  • Two house resolutions pass in Missouri

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    Since March 21, 2022, there were two house resolutions that passed in the Missouri House of Represenatives. There were no bills to pass both the House and Senate and be signed by Gov. Mike Parson (R). So far in the 2022 session, eight bills and resolutions have been passed. The following are the passed resolutions…

  • Three months to voter registration deadline for Missouri’s primary

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    The voter registration deadline for Missouri’s 2022 primary election is three months away. Those who wish to vote in-person must be registered by July 6. Registration is possible online, in-person, or by mail. If registration forms are mailed, they must be postmarked on or before July 6. The primary is scheduled for Aug. 2. A…

  • Missouri’s 2022 legislative elections will be the first using new district maps

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    Missouri completed its legislative redistricting on March 15, setting in place district maps that will be in effect for the Nov. 8 elections. Missouri was the 43rd state to complete legislative redistricting. The state’s Judicial Redistricting Commission (JRC) filed the new state Senate district boundaries with the secretary of state, while the House Independent Bipartisan…

  • School board elections taking place across nine Missouri school districts in April 2022

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    A total of 18 school board seats across nine Missouri school districts covered by Ballotpedia are up for nonpartisan general election on April 5, 2022, one of which is up for a special election to a one-year term. Of the 52 candidates running in these contests, nine (17.3%) are incumbents running for re-election. Races in…

  • Missouri voters in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Jefferson City to decide ballot measures on April 5

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    Voters will decide two ballot measures in St. Louis, three ballot measures in Kansas City, and one ballot measure in Jefferson City, Missouri on April 5. St. Louis: St. Louis voters will decide on a bond issue for capital improvement projects and a citizen-initiated measure concerning election law, redistricting, and conflicts of interest. Proposition 1,…