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  • Two losing candidates for New Jersey General Assembly fundraise over $100,000

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    Primary elections in the New Jersey General Assembly took place on June 6, 2023. General elections for all 80 seats in the assembly will take place on Nov. 7, 2023. Democrats hold a 46-34 majority heading into the election. This article details the three to five candidates in each party who led in fundraising by…

  • One incumbent defeated in New Jersey’s state legislative primaries

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    New Jersey held state legislative primaries on June 6, the first in the 2023 election cycle. One Democratic incumbent—Nia Gill—lost, representing 1.1% of the 93 incumbents running for re-election. Overall, 17 incumbents ran in contested primaries, meaning 82% were guaranteed to advance to the general election. It is uncommon for state legislative incumbents to lose…

  • New Jersey statewide primary to be held June 6

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    The statewide primary election for New Jersey is on June 6, 2023. The filing deadline to run was on March 27. Candidates are running in elections for the following offices:  New Jersey State Senate New Jersey General Assembly Ballotpedia is also covering local elections in the following areas: Essex County Hudson County Candidates are competing…