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  • Incumbent officeholder switches party affiliation

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    Mike McDonnell switches party affiliation to Republican. Senator McDonnell changed his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican on April 3, 2024. McDonnell said the Democratic Party “no longer felt like a place where he could reconcile his faith with his political affiliation.” Earlier this year, the Nebraska Democratic Party censured McDonnell. Democratic Party Chair Jane…

  • State lawmaker political party switch snapshot – November 2023

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    One hundred seventy-three (173) state legislators have switched political parties since 1994, according to analysis by Ballotpedia. Forty-seven (47) state senators and 126 state representatives have switched parties. State lawmakers who switched from Democrat to Republican: 83 State lawmakers who switched from Republican to Democrat: 23 As of November 22, 2023, Republicans controlled 54.82% of…