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  • Two incumbents defeated in Louisiana legislative primaries, matching 2019 cycle

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    Challengers defeated two incumbents in Louisiana’s Oct. 14 statewide primary — one in the Louisiana House of Representatives and the other in the Louisiana State Senate. Those incumbents are: • Jonathan Goudeau (R) – House District 31 • Robert Mills (R) – Senate District 36 Two incumbents also lost in the 2019 primaries, one Democrat…

  • 23% of all state legislative primaries are contested

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    There are 205 contested state legislative primaries in 2023, representing 23% of all possible primaries. Comparing 2023 to other times Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia all held elections since 2011, the percentage of primaries that are contested this year is lower than in 2019 (25%) but higher than in 2011 (22%) and 2015 (20%).…

  • More than half of state legislative district elections lack major party competition

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    There are 336 (58%) state legislative seats — out of 578 up for election — that are uncontested and have no major party competition in 2023. This is the largest number of seats with no major party competition in an odd year since Ballotpedia began gathering data in 2011. Percentage wise, this is the second-largest…